For a company there is seldom a more challenging situation than when you need to start exporting your products or services to foreign markets. When targeting Asian markets, especially Japanese markets, we can be offer you concrete assistance in entering these new markets. Our practical experience in Asian markets helps your company to find right partners and choose right paths in this challenging exercise.

We can build you a practical strategy for your export business. We can find you sales channels that suit your business purposes and the market requirements. We can research a potential market for you to find out what is the real potential there. We can help you in establishing a presence in Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul or Kuala Lumpur ? finding offices and staff for you.

Through our network of partners we can easily find you agents, partners, office space and staff.

If you want to purchase a company in Finland we are the right choice to handle it. With our partner Eviden we are experienced in finding suitable companies and handling the purchasing process within the local laws and regulations.

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